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Midlands Craft Brewers and Cambridge Craft Brewers regularly attend each others meetings. It has therefore been agreed that as the Cambridge group do not have their own website, a page advertising their meetings will be included within the Midlands website.

Cambridge meetings generally commence about noon and finish between 4 - 5 pm.


For additional information contact us at


Cambridge Craft Brewers

Cambridge 2018 Diary

This year's dates and challenges are as follows:


Feb 17th - Ready Steady Brew

May 19th - Brewery visit clone

Sept 15th - Golden Ale

Nov 17th - Speciality Beer


The Challenge Beers:


Ready Steady Brew; Up to 4.0% a/b/v, pale & crystal malts up to 98%, must contain at least 2% of any sugar, fuggles and / or golding hops, Yeast that originates from the UK.


Golden Ale; according to the CAMRA definition.


Speciality Beer; > 6% a/b/v, intention Saison, RIS etc.