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Cider Making, Sileby, September 2015

Between September 20th and 23rd we spent a total of a couple of days at the home of John P. Allan G and Malc N initially went to observe but got drawn in by the experience.


We have no idea of the weight of apples processed but you can see from the first photo it was a lot.


First the apples are rinsed and any badly moulded ones thrown away.

Then the apples are pulped using a specialist machine with a high speed rotating disc and blade.

The resultant pulp is then made into cakes on the press using a frame lined with net curtain material.

The frame is then removed and a plate put on top of the cake. The process is repeated until there are five stacked cakes, the top one being slightly smaller than the rest.

Pressure is then applied with a bottle jack resulting in around 40 litres of juice per pressing. The resultant pressed cake (pomace) is surprisingly dry and is used for compost.


Over the few days we pressed out over 600 litres of juice.


Thanks go to John and Liz for their hospitality and generosity.