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Brewing Topics - Equipment

We thought it would be useful to share equipment designs, builds, hints and tips. If you have any you wish to share with the group, please submit them via the contacts page.

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Brew Cabinet


This cabinet which has external dimensions of 800mm x 800mm x 900mm is highly insulated and incorporates a heater, fan, power source and provision for Automatic Temperature Control. It can also accommodate up to 120 pint bottles for warm and cool conditioning. Full details from Allan G.

Brew Cab 1 Brew Cab 2

Power Controller


A device to allow you to vary the power to heating elements, motors etc rated up to 4kw. Boil rates can be controlled by adjusting the dial thus helping to avoid scorching and thermal cutouts. Circuit board bought as a stock unit from Amazon. Total cost under £20.

Details from Malc N.

Power Controller Power Controller Internal

Simple Brew Fridge


A simple way to modify a domestic fridge for temperature controlled fermentation. Create a wooden frame that fits the fridge shelf rails and mount a mains fan and 300cm tube heater on the frame. Take the mains cables  though a hole in the top of the fridge. Plug the  fridge into the cooling relay on an STC1000 and the the heater into the heater relay.

The fan ensures even temperature distribution.

Shelf design means you can move it around the fridge.

Fan £10, heater £15, used fridge £20

Details from Malc N.

beer fridge