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Looking Back 2017                                                                                                                                                            By MCB co-ordinator 31/12/17


The MCB continues to thrive with 38 paid up members and a mailing list approaching 150. Attendance averaged 20 at our 5 meetings which were held in Loughborough (2), Birmingham, Chesterfield and Ilkeston. MCB has always had a different chairman for each meeting as this encourages a wide range of approaches from the more technical aspects of brewing to the more jovial and my thanks go to Peter, Sean, Mike and Ian for organising these.


We had a very enjoyable and informative brewery trip to the new Framework Brewery in Leicester followed by a summer social. Our winter social which was held in Birmingham was also well attended.


This year we had a Brewer of the Year Competition over 3 legs with members being required to brew a dark beer (January), a pale beer (May) and a speciality beer (September) The last leg was particularly interesting and was designed to test members’ brewing skills by taking them out of their comfort zone by making them brew with unusual ingredients such as fruit, spices or herbs etc. It worked and we had some very interesting beers brewed with cherries, vanilla, peach and even a rhubarb and custard Saison!


A number of members were successful at various stages of the competition and it was particularly nice to see some members come to the fore for the first time. I like to think this could at least be partly the result of our ethos of sharing information and techniques. Overall the competition was very close with 4 members achieving a score in excess of 100(Top score 115 out of 150).


Several of our members gained prizes at the various national competitions held during the year including James, Karol, Nick and Sean.


Many thanks to Peter (Treasurer), Sean (Webmaster), and John (Membership Secretary) for their hard work and to our various sponsors for their support.


It is important that MCB continues to evolve and our first meeting in January will give all members the opportunity to have their say on how the club will develop in the future. I am looking forward to this meeting and to discussing any new ideas which will hopefully ensure that MCB continues to meet its members’ needs and also remain the vibrant organisation which has been, in my view, the reason for our success to date.