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Past Events

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Joint Meeting With NCB, November 2014

The MCB and Northern Craft Brewers (NCB) locked horns on Saturday 1st November

when they met at the University Arms in Sheffield.

The purpose of the meeting was to see who could brew the best Pale Ale with an

original gravity of 1045-1050 and only using English Hops.

It was an excellent meeting with a total of 23 beers and about 24 attendees with equal

numbers from both sides.

We split into groups for the tasting with representatives from each group on each

tasting table.

There was a friendly atmosphere and much interaction between the two sides.

I am pleased to announce that MCB took all the top 4 places with the results as



1st Allan G

2nd Steve H

3rd Peter F

4th Ian R-B


Already discussions are taking place regarding a rematch next year but NCB will have

to study and practice very hard to beat the best brewing group in Britain.

Many thanks to those members of NCB who organised this very enjoyable event and

in particular to Bill and his team who organised the competition on the day.


Allan G